Wise words of another

Tonight I had plans to post another “real” entry in my blog, even though in the back of my mind I feel I might be getting ahead of myself.  Its only day 2 I keep telling myself, plus I have maybe one follower?!  I just have so many things I want to share as the thoughts keep swirling in my mind.

Well  . . . you know that thing called life gets in the way.  The day had some ups and some downs, but I’ll take the good with the bad.  However, wearing many hats and juggling many balls can make my nights like a circus (see what I did there).  Amongst overtired kids, an overtired mom, and things on the to-do list, I suppose tonight might not be the best night to write something insightful.  However, I will try leaving you with just a token from someone I follow.   This one hit hard, but she’s got a point. . . .a good one . . . .


Lord, please uncover my spiritual eyes daily to not judge, but love others with grace and sincerity.  Help me to realize that I can only hold someone accountable that asks to be held accountable and if given the opportunity, help me to do it with love.  Help me only to speak truth with grace and love.  Amen.





I'm a far from perfection perfectionist serving a perfect Jesus. I'm a pastor's wife, mom of two children, and a full-time career woman. I love volunteering and socializing. Pearls, diamonds, sequins, dresses, leggings, jeans, t-shirts, pajama pants, boots, and flip flops are some of my favorite things in my closet! I love most things vintage and I'm a self-described "old soul". My blog will serve mostly as an outlet to share what's on my heart and mind. However, there will be times I'll keep it lighthearted and fun with information on craft projects, fun social events, interesting facts, and entertaining. As a Southern woman, I love good food and good times with friends and family!

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