Ostriches and Faith

You’re probably thinking; “Wait, what?!” How are those two remotely related? Well you may have heard the saying “don’t bury your head in the sand”. Well that saying is attributed to ostriches and the appearance that they bury their heads in the sand. (For info on where that saying came from click here. For factual info about why they appear to do this click here.)

Well burying your head in the sand as they say is no way to confront a problem in the present or in the future. Unfortunately my family was presented a problem yesterday that quite frankly we’ve not been wanting to face. We’ve been playing ostrich with this problem for a little while not wanting to face the reality of it.

I will say that while we may not have wanted to face the problem and tried to bury our heads (or the problem) in the sand, having faith to trust the Lord to work out the details is something that I am able to do. In the last few weeks I’ve found a renewed sense of the Lord’s presence and faith in my life that allows me to trust his guidance and provision.

So while we play ostrich, God continues to remind me that he is good and says “I got this”!



I'm a far from perfection perfectionist serving a perfect Jesus. I'm a pastor's wife, mom of two children, and a full-time career woman. I love volunteering and socializing. Pearls, diamonds, sequins, dresses, leggings, jeans, t-shirts, pajama pants, boots, and flip flops are some of my favorite things in my closet! I love most things vintage and I'm a self-described "old soul". My blog will serve mostly as an outlet to share what's on my heart and mind. However, there will be times I'll keep it lighthearted and fun with information on craft projects, fun social events, interesting facts, and entertaining. As a Southern woman, I love good food and good times with friends and family!

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