The Bow that Heals

This week has been a tough one for my banking family. We lost two beautiful and kind ladies to a horrific and senseless tradegy because the shooter was “desperate” and “he knew he was going to shoot someone that day”.

I cannot stop thinking about the event that took place Monday when these ladies were just doing their jobs. I cannot stop thinking about the families of these sweet ladies.

Then yesterday Charleston was shaken with the news of a chef, at his work doing his job, had his life taken. Another crazy shooter decided to take an innocent life because of his unhappiness in his own life. 

This comes on the heels of so many other recent senseless and anger filled displays of rage and hate towards one another.

All this kind of stuff shakes you to the core because of the sympathy and compassion you feel for the families left with hurt and the anger you have towards the sick people who commit these crimes.

This morning I’m reflecting on all of this during my commute into work trying to still gear up for the work day ahead. I pull onto a major interstate and to my surprise I see a beautiful RAINBOW! I cannot recall that it had rained but it did not matter in the moment of God’s craftsmanship. 

I was suddenly reminded of the illustration in the Jesus Storybook Bible of how God hung his beautiful bow made of light in the clouds after Jesus won the battle. The rainbow, shaped like a battle bow, points to the heavens “into the heart of heaven”.

The battle over sin and hate is won, won for us by the precious blood of Jesus. It is not our concern to be angry and self righteous over the sins of others. But rather we should display a heart of grace and mercy for the lost souls. We should share the Gospel with others so they may come to know the love, grace, and peace found in Christ. 

My prayer: Lord in this time of hurt and sadness for so many people allow them to be comforted by your peace. Allow them to have grace and mercy. Help heal the hurt they are feeling. 

Lord, allow your spirit to pour out the the broken, sick, hurting people who commit these crimes of hatred and desperation. I pray they come to know their sins and repent so they may experience Your grace and forgiveness.


For more info click here on the Jesus Storybook Bible click below: 

Jesus Storybook Bible



I'm a far from perfection perfectionist serving a perfect Jesus. I'm a pastor's wife, mom of two children, and a full-time career woman. I love volunteering and socializing. Pearls, diamonds, sequins, dresses, leggings, jeans, t-shirts, pajama pants, boots, and flip flops are some of my favorite things in my closet! I love most things vintage and I'm a self-described "old soul". My blog will serve mostly as an outlet to share what's on my heart and mind. However, there will be times I'll keep it lighthearted and fun with information on craft projects, fun social events, interesting facts, and entertaining. As a Southern woman, I love good food and good times with friends and family!

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